5 Best Podcast Episodes For Home Service Business Owners

5 Best Podcast Episodes For Home Service Business Owners

I feel like none of the podcasts out there apply to a local home service business. I’ve spent countless hours (wasted) listening to some ‘guru’ talk about the latest in data marketing, or talk about improving a customer experience with some kind of email funnel. I’m sure it’s all great advice if you’re running a tech startup with a national reach, but not if you’re running a company focused on repair a/c units or power washing roofs in a local area.

So what can us blue collar business folks listen to on our commute to keep us educated and inspired?

I’ve made a list of the top 5 Best podcast episodes I’ve found. I plan to keep this a rolling list and ad more as I hear them.

The Art Of Paid Traffic: Sargeants Roofing Episode


The Art Of Paid Traffic: Sargeants Roofing Episode
My education is in accounting, I run a home service business, but at heart, I’m a marketer. I like marketing my services, making the customer happy, and take pride in have full sales funnel. So the Art of Paid Traffic, which focuses on online advertising methods is one of my favorite podcasts — but most of what is put out there just doesn’t apply to a local home service business. Creating a funnel for an online course? Not for us. Auto responder based on which page of the website a user visits? Cool, but not practical for a home service business with limited scalability to set up.

In this episode, the host has one of the founders of Sargeants Roofing who explains the Facebook marketing methods that are bringing a huge ROI to his company in Alberta Canada. If Facebook marketing has eluded you, this a good one to listen too.


The Sales Whisperer: Louis Bruno Episode

The Sales Whisperer: Louis Bruno Episode
The episode features Louis Bruno who took his HVAC in Southwest Florida from startup with a few thousand dollars and one creepy van to 25 Million in sales in just a couple years… the sales number is probably even higher now.

Louis gives us some valuable insight to the sales process, and other aspects behind the quick scale – up.


The Contractor Fight:

The Contractor Fight:
Hosted by Tom Reber, a former painting contractor, this podcast has some real valuable episodes and then some which don’t apply to apply to me. As a podcast which focuses exclusively on businesses in the trade he can relate to the struggle of finding qualified and motivated employees. His target audience seems to be smaller operations, likely below $1,000,000 in revenue, that are struggling to get a foothold in the market. As a result I start every episode but I usually don’t listen to the very end.


Marketing Like a Warrior with Mike Agugliaro

Episode With Mike Agugliaro
From 1 million to 30 million in a year. Holyshit. This guy did it. And we all know it is not possible without great people. Mike emphasizes being very clear on the type of people you want to hire, and the standard they need to meet, along with a marketing message that pushes away those that are not a fit to work with and attracts those that are.


Get the Business Process Monkey Off Your Back with Phil Sarros

Episode With Phil Sarros
Process. Processes. And More Processes. Processes for each job. Processes for hiring. Processes for everything That’s the story by Phil Sarros who started his company Sarros Landscaping in 2002 and it’s a damn valuable story. The only way your business will be able to grow is with scalable processes.

Having problems with foremen thoroughly completing each project? Sarros tells us how to start off each project avoiding confusion starting and make sure the project is thoroughly completed to standards at the end.

Accounting and bookkeeping a mess? Sarros reveals his simple process for keeping the record in check which allows for timely and accurate key performance indicators.

While I’m no stranger to process there are some that have been lacking. After listening to the episode I was inspired to make a list of all the dumb shit I do on a daily basis that takes up entirely too much time, and then figure out a process for to handle them.

On Your Next Drive
Quit sifting through irrelevant business advice and load up one of these podcasts. I’ll add a 5th one sometime soon.

Have a good episode that home service business owners should listen to? Let us know in the comments below.

Corey Philip
President and founder of a home service / specialty trade contracting company (think patio's and deck) with a focus on customer experience. Data driven marketer. Runner. Currently working on a Facebook marketing course, exclusively for home service businesses. Want to be a part of it. Read more here.