Facebook’s Powerful Marketing Features For Home Service Businesses

Facebook is one of the most powerful marketing platforms in the world. One of the reasons why is that no other advertising platform enables users to target an audience specifically based on demographics, purchasing patterns, and certain behaviors.

Traditional advertising methods of the past such as billboards, community mailers, yellow pages, radio, and television never had the same capabilities. Using Facebook’s marketing features allows you to advertise with such precision that you can target an audience based on a time of day and location, making sure that your ads actually get noticed.

Mailing to people’s homes, for example; you’ll know that people are home owners but you aren’t sure if people read or even absorb what is sent to their homes. Facebook lets you obtain valuable insights from your ads so that you can customize your campaigns to get the kind of response that you want.

These are some of the powerful Facebook features that can work for home service providers and contractors:

  1. Local targeting

    Facebook let’s you market to people within a certain distance that you choose, for example; a 5-mile radius, based on a map, or even a zip code. If you want to target a certain part of town, or exclude areas you don’t want to advertise in (because it’s far, or a project isn’t relevant to the location), this is also possible with Facebook.

  2. Home value

    With Facebook advertising, you’re also able to target people based on how much their home is worth. You can target homes that are worth $2 million, as well as those that are between a $100,000 and $1 million range and whatever other ranges you choose. Facebook enables you to target individuals based on the value of one’s home, or status of home ownership. Using billboards won’t give you the same kind of capability, as you are not able to choose a home value range at all. With Facebook, you can eliminate an audience based on the fact that they don’t own a home and save your advertising dollars.

  3. Home type

    In my case, I work as an exterior contractor-providing patio and deck services, as well as screen enclosures to the Florida area. With our business, we want to target our advertising based on home types. Condominiums and townhouse owners don’t engage in exterior work since they have associations who generally manage that stuff. We want to target single-family homes as this is the audience that engages with our products and services the most. Depending on the kind of contractor that you are, you may or may not want to use this feature in the Facebook ad section. Example; if you’re an air conditioning contractor that is quick and efficient with smaller condo units, you can target condominium homes.

  4. Lookalike audiences

    With a lookalike audience, you can take your current list of customers, upload it into Facbeook, and let the algorithm work by identifying their unique demographic features and characteristics. You can then create a lookalike audience of other users who have the same demographics as your existing customers and target them.

  5. Market to existing customers & leads

    You may want to take a list of people who have purchased maintenance services or paid for small projects and target an advert directly to them. You can then upsell those clients with a Facebook ad. Since we replace screens, which is around $100 per service call, we re-market to these customers educating the life expectancy of screen mesh and the value of replacing all it once as opposed to paying higher rates time after time. To do this, you can export from a CRM and include emails and phone numbers, then upload it on Facebook as well.   This kind of marketing can work on any kind of contractor since it can lead to purchasing a maintenance contract or a larger service. If you are a handyman, those customers may eventually need full interior jobs, or work that’s worth more money.Facebook also enables you to remarket to existing leads who haven’t purchased anything yet.  We’ve been seeing a lot of success with this kind of advertising before, since it contributes to the decision making process of potential buyers.

  6. Demographics

    Facebook lets you target a specific demographic with their adverts, such as those who are more likely to spend on home improvement services. Behavior identification targeting allows you to identify people based on recent purchasing habits. This is extremely valuable when it comes to getting the best ROI possible out of paid ads.

  7. Editing Possibilities

    If you send out a local community mailer, are you able to turn it off or edit it? No, you’re stuck with that $1200 half page ad you paid for. With Facebook, you are able to monitor your performance whenever you like. This allows you to stop the ads, edit your copy, change your images or split test an audience at the click of a button. If you see that your ad isn’t performing well after spending $100, you can stop it and test out something else. This is a huge lifesaver when it comes to saving money via advertising online.

In short, one of the reasons why Facebook marketing is an awesome advertising platform is that it let’s you advertise specifically based on demographics and buying patterns or behaviors. This isn’t something you can do with other platforms or even using billboards that are placed on the side of a road. All you can do with a radio ad is that you know what time it will air, but with Facebook’s advertising platform, it’s much more precise. You already know a lot of information about your target audience and you can use this information when advertising.

Now if you’re one of the many that have tried Facebook ads and failed at reaching quality customers and getting actual leads, you’re not alone.  It took me a couple years of experiments before I reached any level of success with it.  I’m currently working on an online course where I will go over everything you need to know to generate leads, and build an effective campaign modeled after the exact campaign I am running on Facebook.  You can sign up here to get updates, and a discount on the course when launched.  It will cover everything, in detail, step by step, how to reach high value prospects for home services on Facebook, and then (most importantly) how to get them to contact you!

Corey Philip
President and founder of a home service / specialty trade contracting company (think patio's and deck) with a focus on customer experience. Data driven marketer. Runner. Currently working on a Facebook marketing course, exclusively for home service businesses. Want to be a part of it. Read more here.