VLOG: SEO Advice & Tips For A Local Garage Door Service Company


Here I take a look (unsolicted) at the website of a garage door company.  Based on my experience experience creating successful content marketing and SEO campaigns for my patio construction company I discuss things they could do to to get more paying customers to their website!


Hey, everyone, my name’s Corey here and I wanted to take some time to kind of do something that I’ve been thinking about doing for a while but just never really got around to it and I was kind of given some S.EO advice, some website advice to people who are looking for it on contractorTalk.com. I caught this thread here, let Me minimize this, I caught this thread with someone here from Sun west garage doors looking for help on paper click or SEO, they say something that I see a lot of and that’s people who are looking for in an S.E.O or P.P.C company but they don’t really know how to judge them, they don’t know what separates a good company from a bad company and they generally don’t know what they’re doing with as S.E.O or P.P.C. So as S.E.O and P.P.C is great if you know what you’re doing with it and there’s a lot of companies out there that will take your money and not really deliver results or not really do anything of value. So fair concern something a lot of contractors struggle with and I see this person you know asking here and figured, what the hell I’ll take a look at their website and see what I could tell him about it and maybe point them in the right direction. I can’t point you in the right direction of an S.E.O. or paper click company but I can tell you what to look for and what works and I think I can help you get some better results out of it. So on that note, you are looking for paper click or S.E.O services or help, I’m going to stick more towards the S.E.O. Paper click is very good, you can get a lot of good results but as you said somewhere here in this post or your other one, It’s expensive in your niche. I think you were saying twenty five to thirty bucks a click. That’s rather pricey, it can work, you can get that cost down, you can get results on it but when you’re just starting out or you’re operating on a limited budget or you don’t really have the website expertise, it’s a challenge. You can waste a lot of money and go for broke on that stuff and get no results.


So the first thing you did here was pulled up your website by looking up the name and I see your logo and all that, so pretty sure that this is your website and this what you want to talk about. First thing is your Web site is pretty decent, you’re going to see me keep looking off to my left, I’ve got a monitor on my left where I kind of made some notes of what I was going to talk about here. So, your website it’s pretty decent it’s not a bad web site, it looks professional, and everyone knows what they’re looking at, what they’re expecting when they find this website. The first thing I would suggest is making your phone number a little bit larger up here is kind of small but make it larger so that they know you really want them to call you, your customers know that. The other thing I was suggesting here, would suggest is other than this make an appointment button here, maybe get an estimate, Make an appointment seems a little aggressive, if I want to make an appointment what am I  getting? Let’s see, I’m moving up here, yeah, make an appointment, I don’t really know what I’m getting are you going to come to my house and bill me? Am I going to have to pay a service call charge? I don’t really know, it’s not really too inviting, I just get the first name, last name, phone number and desired date and time. So I don’t know if I’m supposed to pay for this or if it’s an estimated or what’s going to happen. I did catch that you were looking more for emergency services, so I get where you’re trying to go with, “make an appointment”. That said I don’t think make an appointment is quite the best name for it. But again it’s not a killer deal breaker type of thing with the website, it’s just something that I would suggest changing. So let’s see how much traffic your website is getting here real quick and to do that I’m going to go to this U.R.L: semrush.com. The program I’m using to record this is actually covering my toolbar so I can’t really see what’s going on up top but I got to the right Thing and were going to put in your U.R.L, you’re, hold on, SunWestgarage.com and We’ll come back to that page that I had up in a minute. This is a pretty cool website that kind of shows you about how much traffic someone is getting, it’s not exact, actually far from exact, but it can show you the trend, if they’re getting traffic or not. So really not getting a ton of traffic, looks like you took a good crank at paper click at some point but otherwise, your traffic is pretty low. Next thing to do is check is, make sure you’re indexed in Google, to do that we’re going to site: SunWestGarage.com and Forty one results and that’s actually Bing, not Google. I’m using for this video, I’m using Microsoft’s browser, I usually use Chrome but because I had so much content open up on there I just figured it would just be better to do it on a different browser entirely. So here we are, forty five results, OK, so your website’s indexed; that’s really good. Let’s go back to your website here and see where to start.

The service areas: you’re probably trying to draw attention to local service areas for your keywords which I’m guessing are garage doors, garage door repair, and stuff like that. It’s going to be much easier to rank for a service area like, well, Anaheim Hills, Fountain Valley rather than just going for garage doors directly, Going for a service area is good, let’s click on these and see what you’re doing. Anaheim Hills, you got a page here, first thing is this page is very thin, you’ve got maybe two hundred, two hundred words here and if you’re in the market for a new garage door, You don’t want to do that.  Let’s go back to this one and see if it says the same thing, that page doesn’t exist. This page, OK, so it doesn’t have exactly the same text but nearly the same, very similar and again very thin, might not even be one hundred words so I would suggest beefing these pages up, so you have more words for each area on here. Know you’re doing it right by going to each location and saying “Fountain Valley, California garage door repair” if that’s what you’re targeting. You’re doing it right but this page needs to be beefed up and have a lot more content on it, we’ll come back to that in a second. Let’s see how you’re ranking for garage door repair Fountain Valley. Tick tock, ok, that is not an impressive position, one hundred fifteen, so no one is finding you if they’re typing in garage door fountain Valley and it’s probably going to the same across all your other service pages considering they’re very thin. So, I Got a bug crawling on me, what I would suggest doing is beefing up the content that’s on these pages, so rather than just having here a few hundred words or not even a few hundred, this is like one hundred words; you need to beef this page up and get it to at least five hundred words if not close to a thousand. Now, I know it’s kind of difficult to do with these location pages because there’s only so many ways you can fit your keyword and a city and state in there but what I suggest doing is going through and talking about some your projects, even if they’re not really in that area, just kind of forming the story around there, like here’s a garage door repair that we did for Jane: Jane called us one day at four thirty, she said this and this and this about a garage door, we determined it needed this type of repair, the next morning we send someone out, they went through these troubleshooting steps and then they fixed it and now Jane is happy. Maybe tell a story like that for each kind of key word that you’re targeting in this area or each service and beef this up to get a couple hundred words and When I say a couple hundred, I mean minimum five hundred closer to one thousand and once you do that you’ll see this page go up quite a bit.


Let’s check some of the more technical S.E.O stuff on this page, so I’m going right click and I’m in Microsoft browser, like I said I don’t know how to view the code on this, let me put this in the chrome real quick. OK, so we’re in Chrome and we let me just go back and show you how I did this. But if you’re on the page and you’re in Chrome, you go right click, View page source going to show you the source code that’s forming this web page up here, first thing I’m going to check for is title and I see it already but I’m going to do a control, F and type in title, let me adjust my screen upwards so you can see it. There we go, OK, I’m going to Look for the [Inaudible 10:20] code, title, So here’s the page title that Google gets to read, very important to have your keyword in there which it looks like you do; garage door repair and then also your area so that’s in the title. Let me see if that’s the same page title from the Web site garage door pair installation complete service, yeah OK, so this isn’t a unique title that you have, it’s just using the page title which is fine, there’s nothing wrong with that in fact there’s a lot of Google literature out there from the Google God’s, in particularly this guy called Matt Cutts. He’s the search engine guy Google and he’s kind of their face for everything search engine, so he says it’s not bad to have your titles exactly the same, in fact, he says that your title should be or your title for  S.E.O. should be nearly the same as it is for the page, so this is fine. The next thing we want to look for is description and let’s see if you have it. I’m just going to do, alright, so it’s down here. So you’re using WordPress, I knew that just from the format of your website but you’re using the Yost as S.E.O. plugin, a very good plug in and here’s its code and this is for open graph, this is for like Facebook and social media and stuff but we don’t see one which is just the H.T.M.L. matter description, so you want to look into using Yost and use the matter description feature in there to give this page a unique matter description. Maybe two sentences, about one hundred sixty words telling Google what it’s about and this is going to be the same thing that’s going to actually show up in Google search. So in other words if we did, this, the thing that it actually shows in Google’s results is what the matter description is; It’s showing the title and the matter a description, if you don’t have a matter description set, Google will just pull from the content on your page, which is what it’s doing right now. So you want to look into using your Yost plugin and writing a unique matter description and in that matter description should be the keywords that you’re trying to target on the page and for these location pages: the city and state and the zip code.


So a matter description for this page might be “need emergency garage door repair”, a question mark, question mark, “we offer that service in fountain Valley California check us out and call us today to get a free estimate or get service done”. I guess that kind of a bad one but the key things are: two sentences or three sentences, about one hundred sixty words, plug in your keyword and your location area in it and it’s going to be what people see in Google. Google uses these pretty heavily for ranking so it’s very important. So we did title description, let’s check the heading tags, H1 now by default your WordPress site is using the page title for the first heading tag which is not a problem that’s fine. Let’s just go on though and go to the next one each to H2, so we had a bunch of them in here, let me see what we’ve got, OK. Now, these heading tags should be used to format content on the page and kind of arrange it in like hierarchical area, so if you’re writing a blog post just type it up here I’m going to pull another thing on to this page. So you’re heading tags should be something like, H1 page title which is going well, H2: a subtopic and then H3 a point and then you could have more than one H2 or H3, you should only have H1 per page so you’re fine on that, but then you’d want to do something like this and then you can repeat it Like that and it should try to outline the body of your content. Now let’s go back to what you have here, so we see H2 in the code, H2 and what it’s doing is, it’s saying services as your H2. Now let’s see if we can find another instance here and then it’s saying quick, quick links for H2 and then products for H2. So in other words, there are services, this is an H2 tag, no we don’t want to do that. So you have the word services on here quite a bit. Which one is it doing, it’s saying products, products and Facebook, Instagram, OK. See how you have services as one heading to two tags on here, Products in the footer has a heading to two tags, Facebook in the footer has a heading to two tags. This is very I don’t say bad but it’s not good, it’s poor for an S.E.O on page and this is something that’s kind of outside the scope of what you can handle just doing the content yourself in the back end of Word Press. This is probably going to require some changes by someone with some advanced WordPress experience but you’re heading tags should only be up here which I think it’s getting, this is where you’re heading one tag is for the title and then in the body of the content there’s no reason usually to be using a heading tag in the side bar or in the footer like what you have. Whereas you have a heading two the tag here, a heading two tag there, a heading to two there, a heading two tag there, it should only be in Body and the content that you’re using on the page, so you have these heading tags that are highly unnecessary and poor for an S.E.O.. Now the reason why this happens is because it’s just easier for the web designer whoever was building this page to stylize it and to get it to look like what it does and that size and that font but it can be redone using different age TML code that doesn’t have a heading and I suggest doing it. This was actually a problem on my own website and we just fixed it, we had multiple heading two tags in the sidebar, in the footer, just like you do and we fixed it and got some really good results out of it. So you want to like I said, format your content up here, format it, get it longer, type it up, get some good content in there and then use the heading two tags and heading three tags in the actual body of content. That’s going to get you a lot better and the big thing is getting several hundred words on this page. And then let’s see. Oh yeah, the matter description too, you can do that through the Yost plugin which you’re already using. Now there are some other things I wanted to point out to you and that was basically on your content. It looks like you’re on an active blog going on here and you’re going to see more tips, Boom, this is fine, Looks like you’re targeting garage door springs. These posts are pretty good, let’s click on one real quick and view the code on that, again your content here, well it’s not as short as what you had on your local pages, it’s still kind of short, so I’d beefed up to get five hundred words at least and you’re probably right around five hundred words here but you want to get as high as you can a thousand would be good.


Another thing too, is you want to post regularly on this stuff. Now it looks like your key word here is maybe garage door problems, you’re going to want to format this, whereas this is your H1 tag I can actually see if it’s using this or this is your H1 or two H1s it’s not advisable to have two H1 on a page and you might have that here.

Nope, you only have one H1 so that’s good. But then you’re going to want to format it up with H2, H3 in here and you want to have your keyword in the H2 and H3 tags. So, in this case, I would say maybe make this an H2 tag make this an H2 tag and do that. The other thing too on theses is to keep posting consistently. This is from twenty fifteen, I know it’s going to sound like a bear, it’s going to sound like a pain in the ass and it’s probably going to sound boring but you need to be posting regularly to get good as SEO results and I’m talking once a week and you need to consistently do that for a few months. So a lot of people just start doing this and they’ll do some work, post a few blog posts and then it fizzles out in three weeks, “Oh that didn’t work”, that’s what they say but no, they just weren’t more persistent enough at it. So like you got September eleventh, twenty-fifteen, what you had six posts they’re all in September eleventh twenty-fifteen, you got a drip these out, do you one a week and plan on doing it for at least six months to really start seeing results.


You also want to put them at a descriptions in like I mentioned on Yost earlier about on the what is the local pages, so just like what you do for the local pages, you want to do it for this and then also the link between the posts and here doing it, what is this link to? It’s linked to nothing, not good. Yes, so fix your links and make sure they all link to something [Inaudible 21:06] spring investment, so let’s see where this links go, nothing, dead that page and there’s no other link. So yes, so publish more on your blog, the more you get on those blogs, the more afforded Google will make it seems and get these as long as you can and link between them, so maybe if you’re saying “the lifespan of your garage door springs” maybe turn this into a whole post and do something about how long, what is the lifespan of garage door springs and then talk about each type of garage door spring and how long each type last and then plug in a link to it here, for more information on the lifespan of garage door springs I suggest reading this post here. So let them all link between each other and you’ll certainly start seeing results, be consistent.

Let’s just kind of go over everything I said. So again once more that’s, get your description on all the pages, the matter description and you can do that using Yost. You can make a unique matter description and title for each post using your Yost plugin. Fix the heading tags, you are going to need a web designer to fix this, you don’t need to have heading two tags all over the place so our services do not need to be heading two tags. Beef up the content length on all of your pages, particularly these service area pages and keep posting regularly on your blog and I think you’ll see a lot of results from that.


So that’s my thoughts, there is off site S.E.O, link building and all that and I will tell you I don’t do a lot of that. My company website is basically heavily relying on page S.E.O and content. In a niche such as garage doors or any construction services, it’s really hard to get links because to a lot of people they’re very boring and to the customers that you’re trying to get a lot of them you know just don’t want to share stuff about their garage door or the maintenance or something, it’s not really conducive to being sold, so it’s really hard to get a link. So you can spend a hundred hours creating awesome content and writing blog posts or you spend a hundred hours trying to get one link.  I think you’re going to get a lot more value out of creating on page stuff and doing stuff on Page and spending money on pages than you are trying to get links. So that’s my thoughts on it. Your bottom line question of hiring someone, I don’t really think that you need to. I guess it depends on how busy you are, if you’re really busy hire someone to create the content and do that and just keep publishing stuff and get your website up to snuff. If you are not that busy, if you have time then take the advice and the tips that I said to you here, tell you about and do it yourself but either way it should be done and if you just keep consistently doing the things I mentioned you and you will get results, you’ll get some very good results and get the site up to the first page for the words you’re trying to aim for. I Hope that helps you and let me know if you have any questions, I’m real busy but I’ll try to answer, I do lurk on contractor talk quite a bit. Thank you.

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