why nextdor-com should be on your radar

Why Nextdoor.com Should be on Your Radar

These days, it seems like there’s a new social media site popping up every single day.

While the major ones are still around, it’s difficult to sift through the smaller sites and start up sites to find networks that are actually useful.

But that’s exactly what I just found with Nextdoor.com.

After a potential client called me up and told me that they found me on the site, I had to check it out for myself.

After looking through the site for a bit, I was impressed with what I saw. The interface was simple, the content was great, and the potential for the site is enormous.

That’s why I’m going to let you know what I found, why it’s useful, and how it could potentially help your business.


What is Nextdoor.com?



If you’ve never heard of Nextdoor, the concept might sound a little bit strange to you. The basis behind the new social network site is that your network is comprised of your actual neighbors.

Yes, you interact with the real people that actually live in the same geographic area as you. Not people from all around the country or world that you haven’t seen in five years. While I was a little bit skeptical about the service at first since they ask you to provide your address (yes, I know that it’s already accessible on the internet), I decided to create an account anyway.

The verification process is what initially convinced me that this was a reputable service.

When you go to create an account with Nextdoor, they put you through a series of identification checks to make sure that you are who you say you are. Once I logged in, I was shocked by the sheer number of my neighbors on the platform – I actually felt like I was late to the party.  Although there are certainly some people who could probably game the system, I was pretty convinced that the people signed up around me were who they said they were.


What are the Benefits of Nextdoor?

The best thing about Nextdoor is that a vast majority of the information that gets posted on the platform is highly relevant to the local community, and home ownership. Whereas your Facebook feed gets filled with useless memes and videos, the posts on Nextdoor are all about things that are relevant to the community in which you live, and the property.
And the stuff that isn’t relevant is quickly filtered out by the moderators.

Here are just a few things that the network covers:

  • Contractor Recommendations
    Users can post discussion threads about anything, but there are frequent posts for contractor recommendations. The cool thing is that not only can people reply, but the replies that are left mentioning the name of the business are automatically tagged to that business making it easy for a customer to see ALL the recommendations of that business.nextdoor advertisng
  • Events
    Putting on a garage sale? A block party? No matter what it is that’s going on in your neighborhood, you can let everyone know. It’s an easy way to organize people that you’ve never even met in person.
  • Safety
    One thing that just about everyone in every community can agree upon is that they want to live in a safe area. While some neighborhoods rely on a neighborhood watch program, Nextdoor allows people to discuss things like robberies, break-ins, scammers, and anything else that may be detrimental to a community.
  • Pets
    Losing a pet is awful. However, Nextdoor makes it much easier for people to find their lost pets or find someone to watch their pet while they’re gone.
  • Creating Community
    All in all, these things come together to create a much more friendly, inviting community in your neighborhood. Whereas you may have never even met some people on your street, you can now come together to meet people from all over your neighborhood that you never would have talked with otherwise.

In addition to all of these great things that help to build community, there is one more aspect that is especially relevant to those in the home services industry.

Using Nextdoor for Business

Although creating a happier, friendlier community is the primary focus for Nextdoor, there is also an added benefit for those in the home services industry.


As people interact on the Nextdoor platform, they are bound to need some work done around their homes. What better way to find a reliable contractor than to ask people that you know and trust in your own neighborhood?

That’s why you want to be a member of Nextdoor if you’re a contractor.

While your local business page is unable to interact in neighborhood conversations like a normal person can, there are several ways that having a business page on Nextdoor can help you.

With a Nextdoor business page, you can access Nextdoor’s color-coded map that shows you what neighborhoods people have recommended you in.

In addition, people can recommend your page to other people on the network, and they are also able to reach out to you directly. Although you cannot reach out to people yourself, it’s a great place for people to find your business.


Another important feature on the platform is that Nextdoor allows you to run ads – although this functionality is very limited and not accessible to all at the moment.

The system works much in the same way that Facebook ads work. From the layout in news feed style to the Call to Action to the copy that you write, it’s all the same. You can basically copy everything from your Facebook ads over to your ads on Nextdoor. Nextdoor also does a ‘daily digest’ emailing informing their users of all the new posts and replies in their email, complete with, you guessed it, ads up top. An informative content piece up there with a catchy title would do wonders for reaching prospective customers, who own a home, and care about the community in your area.


In addition, you do not have to pay per lead like you do with Google Home Service Ads, Home Advisor, or even Angieslist. Instead, the Nextdoor system is a content-based advertising system. If you’ve already got awesome content, Nextdoor is going to be the perfect place to leverage it!

If you want to get your name around in your local area, Nextdoor is going to be one of the most effective ways to do it.

Get Started

The next step for you is to just get started by setting up an account on the platform. Although the site is still in its early stages, there is still a lot of really great stuff going on in these platforms.

If you sign up as both an individual and as a business page, you get the best of both worlds from the service.

I’ve already set up my account and have set up my business profile so that I familiar with the platform. When advertising is available to me, I’ll be ready to roll it out!

Have you used Nextdoor?

Let us know what you think about the networking service in the comments section below!

Corey Philip
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