Why You Shouldnt Overlook Bing Advertising

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Bing Advertising

You probably haven’t used it ever, and its easy to overlook, but Bing is alive and well.  Google may be king but the search market share but Bing, particularly in the US, is growing and can reveal a variety of different opportunities that many small businesses aren’t taking advantage of, particularly when it comes to advertising or using the PPC features.

Lets just say this, when I need to cut an advertising source to home service company, to scale inbound inquiries down to a manageable volume, Bing ads are the last ones to be cut.  In other words Bing is a bringing the best ROI.  Here’s why:

Less Competitive

As it is less well known, Bing has a less competitive market which not only makes ads more likely to be seen but they cost less to run. I’m personally advertising in Bing and I’m finding that the CPC with PPC is 20% less than what it is with Google Adwords. We are looking at half price on cost per leads because it’s around $20 per lead with Adwords but only $10-$11 with Bing!

More Conversions

As the advertising space is not plastered with ads, which can turn off potential leads from even looking at the ads, the marketing and promotion is more likely to be effective, making an audience more likely to click on your ad. This could be particularly useful for home service contractors and great advertising opportunity they are missing out on.

Better Targeting

Google may show your ad to a lot of people, but they aren’t necessarily showing your ad to the right people, which means you are just wasting money. With the ability to control ad scheduling in Bing at campaign or group levels, it can make getting to your demographic easier. Bing also provides better targeting options for devices so you could specifically target mobile users only to give you more control and better suit your marketing styles rather than have to try and adapt it across all devices, which reduces the user experience.

The Partnership

While Google has more of a market share, Bing and Yahoo make up the rest and once combined, they make up around 30% (which is nothing to laugh at) and can provide a large enough platform for marketing. What many don’t realize is that Bing and Yahoo partner on their ad network meaning that when you advertise with Bing, you are accessing the potential leads form Yahoo as well.

Different Audiences

Some demographics and industries use different technology with some favoring Bing and Yahoo over Google. This means with Adwords, you aren’t reaching these users at all. Bing allows for better placement to reach the right audience with the flexibility and targeting for age or gender that sees your ad is the most effective.

Longer Broad Match Campaigns

Sometimes you need to use broad match keyword campaigns in your advertising and they are commonly the highest money wasters because they are less likely to convert and quickly meet the budget. This isn’t ideal but sometimes it is necessary. Where Google will eat your budget fairly quickly without as many opportunities, Bing can give you an advantage. With less competition and higher ad ranking you will find that your campaign will last longer, making it more likely to be effective and extend your budget as much as possible.

Ultimately Bing is smaller compared to Google but this partly works to their advantage when it comes to advertising and placement opportunities at a fairly low cost and many companies, including yours could be missing out if you don’t utilize it.



Corey Philip
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