Welcome to HomeProSuccess.  I’m Corey Philip.

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In my experience, what most home service business entrepreneurs crave — and what I focus on here at HomeProSuccess — is the following:

Building a thriving home service business that has a daily flood of inbound inquiries for the sales team, and a smooth running operations team to kick ass and complete everything the sales team sells.

In other words, we don’t want to be walking ‘door – to – door’ chasing cold leads or begging GC’s to give us jobs. And on the back end, we don’t want to be doing the work ourselves or dealing with putting out the fires of poorly trained staff.

Running and growing a reputable home service company isn’t easy.  Actually it’s really F*@&#^% difficult and getting to the level of ‘hands-off’ isn’t even harder. It doesn’t matter if you are a painter, carpenter, or carpet cleaner.  Besides dealing with the ‘fires’ associated with sending your guys out to someone’s home to perform services, you’ve also got to deal with everything on the backend… sales, marketing, accounting, and keep the business running smoothing. Some nights you don’t get much sleep.

I know how difficult it is. Fresh out of college, in 2012, I dove head first into the home service industry and started my company; a patio / screen enclosure construction company in Southwest Florida, with a long time friend. It was a rocky road, that I was able to gain traction on and since then the company has, and continues to, grow like a weed.

These days, I’m out of the field and operations, focusing entirely on growing the company.  

Here I share my insights on what works for growing a home service business!

Lets Cover A Few Things….

1. Simple Works.

While I’m a huge fan of data, over complication and too much data do nothing but slow things down and muck up processes.  I prefer to keep thing simple and consistent in everything from operations to accounting, to marketing.

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2. Nobody Likes The Salesman.

Ever liked being ‘sold’ something?  I haven’t either and neither do your customers.  While sales tactics work to get signatures and checks, you will find those customers that are ‘sold’ tend to be the most unpleasant to work with.  I prefer to educate the broad customer base on our processes and how we earn our reputation, and let customers choose us.

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3. You Need To Know Your Cost Per Lead.

Spend to much money on advertising?  You’re not alone.  Many contractors and home service business owners, live from project to project, and throw thousands of dollars away on ineffective marketing by some guy in a cheap suit. If you want to know what works, and get a handle on your marketing, so you can enjoy a full sales pipeline, you need to know your cost per lead (per source).

Many contractors spend 15% – 20% of their sales on advertising.  Thats too much.  This post will help you get a handle on it.

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4. Your Website Needs To Breathe.

Many business owners hear about how much business you can get online and a hire a ‘website guy’ to put up a website up.  6 months later the website hasn’t brought in any business and the unanimous decision is “the website thing doesn’t work” or “the design wasn’t good”.  News flash; it’s neither (the design actually doesn’t matter as much as you think).  Websites are a vital part of a home service business but to be successful with it, the site needs to breath.  It needs to be a living breathing part of your organization.

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